Solar Thermal Overview

A Zolarayz Solar Hot Water system is the perfect choice for homeowners or businesses looking to significantly lower water heating bills. It provides an attractive, efficient and reliable source of free and clean solar thermal energy that can offset gas or electric heater usage by up to 75% and reduce household CO2 emissions by more than 20%! The Integrated Pump Station control system with optional excess collector heat compensation allows for fully automatic operation, and the climate-optimized solar collector provides the highest available output all year long.

Systems can either be installed during new construction or retro-fitted to existing buildings. From laundry to showers, cottages to car washes, radiant heating and more, a Zolarayz Solar Hot Water system is ideal for most water heating applications.

Solar Thermal Tubes
Evacuated tube solar thermal systems are effective in northern climates because heat cannot be radiated through a vacuum and therefore cannot be lost from the tubes back to the environment.

The strong commitment to clean and safe energy led to the development of the evacuated tube thermal collector, a major technological breakthrough for solar water heating - a professional system that actually works well, even in a Canadian winter!

Many people already appreciate the need to reduce fossil fuel emissions - particularly carbon dioxide. In North America every kilowatt-hour of electricity produces about 2.2 lbs. of CO2. In most areas only $100 worth of electricity puts well over one ton of CO2 into the atmosphere!

Even natural gas (methane) will produce over seven tones of CO2 annually from an average house, and because methane is such a powerful greenhouse gas, tiny leaks in the system pollute a great deal.

Put another way, a domestic solar thermal system annually prevents the equivalent pollution of one car!

A solar heating system like this has the potential to pay for itself many times over in its 20+ years of lifetime, depending on fuel cost increases and adaptability towards using solar energy. What else can you buy that even begins to pay for itself?

System Design and Installation
Please contact us for advice on the design and installation of your system, we can do it all for you or provide the materials for you to 'Do It Yourself'.

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Upcoming Seminars

  • There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding solar thermal collectors. What type? How many? Etc. Concerns like this require interaction and can be addressed by one of our staff delivering a presentation to your group as an introduction to solar thermal or, if you wish, something more in depth. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call or email us to arrange for a seminar.